De beelden. Nederland hamstert BIERRR

Super spread event dankzij staatssecretaris Paul Bloklul


Dus wij woensdag: 'GA EENS BIER HALEN'. En u (nou ja, u, als u in Emmen woont en ze voor 7 euro 25 't kratje ook niet wilde laten liggen) meteen: HOP BIER HALEN. Zo kennen wij nuchter Nederland weer. Tenminste, nuchter totdat Nederland weer thuis is en het op een zuipen zetten omdat de kratjes Amstel maar 7 euro 25 kosten bij de Dirk van den Broek. En nou zijn er binnenkort allemaal bierhalersbrandhaarden in de Kratjes Drinkende Regio's (zeg maar overal behalve waar mensen  weten dat Het Parool een krant is) dankzij het kabinet dat na anderhalf jaar tiefus coronamaatregelen gewoon vrolijk doorgaat met Alle Leuke Dingen verbieden. Omdat het kan. Nou. Dan kan dit dus ook.

Memphis Depay tekent voor twee seizoenen bij FC Barcelona

Er werd al langer gespeculeerd dat de Spaanse club de aanvaller zou inlijven. Depay komt transfervrij van Olympique Lyonnais.

Debian GNU/Linux 10.10

Debian is een opensource-besturingssysteem, dat zowel voor desktops als servers gebruikt kan worden en waarbij de nadruk op stabiliteit en veiligheid ligt. Het wordt dan ook als basis voor diverse Linux-distributies gebruikt, waaronder Ubuntu en Linux Mint. Versie 10.x, die als codenaam 'Buster' meegekregen heeft, is een zogenaamde Long Term Support-uitgave en zal de komende vijf jaar van updates worden voorzien. De release notes voor versie 10.10 kunnen hieronder worden gevonden. Debian 10.10 buster released

SYDNEY 2016 . Architecture (#07 in series) - Sydney NSW AU 08Jan2016 sRGB web

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SYDNEY 2016 . Architecture   (#07 in series) - Sydney NSW AU  08Jan2016 sRGB web

Towers along Macquarie Street in Sydney NSW, Australia.

The RGB Sydney plantings can bee seen at left atop the heritage stone wall at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music complex.

SYDNEY 2016 . Graphic Design (#06 in series) - Sydney NSW AU 08Jan2016 sRGB web

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SYDNEY 2016 . Graphic Design   (#06 in series) - Sydney NSW AU  08Jan2016 sRGB web

Australian Museum, Sydney NSW AU
The Australian Museum is a heritage-listed museum at 1 William Street, Sydney central business district, New South Wales, Australia. It is the oldest museum in Australia, and the fifth oldest natural history museum in the world ...

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Pilbara landscape

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Pilbara landscape

From the top of Mount Nameless, Western Australia.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Now Also Elevated to Microsoft's Chairman

Satya Nadella elevated as Microsoft chairman

Satya Nadella "has been elevated as chairman of Microsoft, a recognition of how dramatically he has transformed the world's largest software maker as chief executive over the past seven years," reports the Times of India:

He will continue to also hold the CEO position. This makes it the first time since 2000, when co-founder Bill Gates stepped down as CEO, that the same person is holding both positions, demonstrating the company's confidence in Nadella's ability to take it into the future.

In February 2014, when Nadella was appointed CEO, Microsoft's flagship Windows business was weakening, and the company was struggling with its failures in the mobile phone and internet search markets. Nadella, who grew up in Hyderabad and joined Microsoft in the U.S. in 1992, refocused the company around cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and instilled a greater sense of ownership among employees — moves that paid off handsomely. The company's share price has risen nearly 600% since 2014. And since the fourth quarter of 2018, Microsoft has frequently been the most valued publicly listed company in the world, with Apple the only other contender for that spot...

In December, in a filing to the U.S. stock market regulator SEC, the board heaped praise on Nadella for the way he navigated the company through the pandemic, and the manner in which he had transformed the company's culture... The board, the filing said, had asked Nadella to create additional focus on the culture of the organisation for fiscal year 2020 and is very pleased with the results that were achieved. "Based on poll data, 95% of employees feel proud to work at Microsoft. The board credits Mr Nadella for his tremendous progress driving cultural change across the organisation," it said.

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Peleton Patches Vulnerability In Camera That Allowed Spying on Riders

McAfee has discovered a vulnerability "that allows hackers to access Peloton's bike screen," reports CNN, "and potentially spy on riders using its microphone and camera."

"However, the threat most likely affects only the $2,495 bike used in public spaces, such as in hotels or gyms, because the hacker needs to physically access the screen using a USB drive containing a malicious code."

According to McAfee's Advanced Threat Research team, a hacker can discreetly control the stationary bike's screen remotely and interfere with its operating system. That means hackers could, for example, install apps that look like Netflix or Spotify and steal the users' log-in information. Perhaps more alarmingly, the cybersecurity team was able spy on users via the camera and microphone, which is normally used for video chats with other users.

"As a result, an unsuspecting gym-goer taking the Peloton Bike+ for a spin could be in danger of having their personal data compromised and their workout unknowingly watched," the report said. It also warned the hacker could configure this spyware at any point, including during the supply chain or delivery process, without the owner knowing... Peloton released a mandatory software update that fixes the issue to users earlier this month.
The security risk doesn't affect the lower-priced Peloton Bike because it uses a different type of touchscreen....
This report marks the second security concern for Peloton in two months. In May, the fitness firm released a security update that sealed a leak that was revealing personal account information, such as a user's age, city and weight.

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Linux Foundation Honors Authors of 30 Linux Success Stories By Letting Them Name a Penguin

The nonprofit Linux Foundation "asked the open source community: How has Linux impacted your life? Needless to say, responses poured in from across the globe sharing memories, sentiments and important moments that changed your lives forever."

Their web site now features a selection of stories from America, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, the Philippines, Bosnia & Herzegovina and China. And each story's author received a special honor...

We are grateful you took the time to tell us your stories. We're thrilled to share 30 of the responses we received, randomly selected from all submissions.

As a thank you to these 30 folks for sharing their stories, and in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Linux, 30 penguins were adopted from the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds in their honor, and each of our submitters got to name their adopted penguin.

One Kuwait-based developer had written "when I was able to use it instead of Windows, it made me happier because I didn't have to restart it every couple of days for instability."
And a story from Nepal says "Linux enabled me to become a software engineer. I would not have been able to afford Microsoft Windows... I had the opportunity to interact with various people from great communities and learn from their contributions. So I am very much thankful to Linus and each and every member of the free and open source community for helping me become a better programmer and a better person."

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Robotic AI-Powered Ship Tries Retracing Mayflower's Voyage, Has to Turn Back

Check out this video footage of the sleek Mayflower 400 slicing through the water, hoping to retrace the historic 1620 journey of the famous ship which carried pilgrims to America.

Unfortunately, unlike the real Mayflower, this robotic 21st-century doppelganger "had to turn back Friday to fix a mechanical problem," reports the Associated Press:
Nonprofit marine research organization ProMare, which worked with IBM to build the autonomous ship, said it made the decision to return to base "to investigate and fix a minor mechanical issue" but hopes to be back on the trans-Atlantic journey as soon as possible.

With no humans on board the ship, there's no one to make repairs while it's at sea.

Piloted by artificial intelligence technology, the 50-foot (15-meter) Mayflower Autonomous Ship began its trip early Tuesday, departing from Plymouth, England, and spending some time off the Isles of Scilly before it headed for deeper waters.

It was supposed to take up to three weeks to reach Provincetown on Cape Cod before making its way to Plymouth, Massachusetts. If successful, it would be the largest autonomous vessel to cross the Atlantic.

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