Vroegbloeier Kobe Bryant ontsteeg het basketbalveld

De 41-jarige basketballegende Kobe Bryant kwam zondag samen met zijn dochter en zeven anderen om bij een helikoptercrash. In de VS is vol ongeloof gereageerd op zijn dood.

The White Beach Series

The White Beach, known as Spiagge Bianche is one of the most popular beaches in Italy. It appears to resemble that of a pristine Caribbean resort perfectly. However, this deceiving white sand beach gets its brilliant hue from the chemical discharge of a nearby factory that manufactures sodium carbonate, which is used in glass, detergent and soap. The company discharges thousands of tons of toxic wastewater every year into the Mediterranean Sea. This discharge contains a mixture of limestone and calcium chloride, which tints the water light blue and gives the sand its bright white colour. Although the water and sand may look clean, Spiagge Bianche has been listed by the United Nations as one of the 15 most polluted areas on the Mediterranean coast. In addition to limestone and calcium chloride, the Solvay plant's wastewater also contains heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, and lead. Unfortunately, there are no signs warning beachgoers about the dangers of the deceiving white sand.

MKVToolNix 43.0.0

Moritz Bunkus heeft versie 43 van MKVToolNix uitgebracht. Met dit opensourceprogramma kunnen matroska-bestanden bekeken, bewerkt en worden geconverteerd. Zo kunnen geluidssporen en ondertiteling worden toegevoegd, verwijderd of juist als standaard worden ingesteld. MKVToolNix is een verzameling afzonderlijke commandline-tools, maar er wordt ook een grafische gebruikersinterface meegeleverd. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, diverse Linux-distributies en macOS. De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit: New features and enhancements

SUMo 5.10.8

KC Softwares heeft versie 5.10.8 van SUMo uitgebracht. SUMo, wat voor Software Update Monitor staat, is een programma dat de computer scant op aanwezige software en vervolgens controleert of er nieuwere versies beschikbaar zijn. Door het installeren van een driver agent kan het ook controleren op nieuwe drivers. De gratis uitvoering laat alleen weten van welke programma's er een nieuwere versie beschikbaar is, het downloaden van de update en het bijwerken is iets wat je verder zelf handmatig uit moet voeren. Hierdoor is het vooral handig voor mensen die zelf controle willen houden over welke updates ze wel of niet willen installeren. Het standaardinstallatieprogramma bevat een optionele advertentiemodule, maar er zijn ook een lite- en een portable-versie beschikbaar, waar deze niet in zit. Sinds versie 5.10.6 zijn de volgende veranderingen aangebracht: Changes in SUMo version 5.10.8:

31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer – Closing Soon!

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The post 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer – Closing Soon! appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Darren Rowse.

The remains of the most famous non-emperor Roman may have been found

Remains Found by Pompeii Really Are Probably are Pliny the Elder, New Tests Indicate Pliny the elder, author/admiral/polymath died attempting to rescue the citizens of Pompeii from the erupting volcano. A skull that was found in the early years of the 20th century on the shores of Stabiae along with a jawbone, jewels and a sword befitting a man of Pliny's stature have recently been re-evaluated and the cranium most likely does belong to one of Rome's most famous citizens.

Pliny the Elder's death by smoke inhalation was dutifully recorded by his nephew, Pliny the younger. The elder Pliny was the author of the Naturalis Historia, arguably the world's first encyclopedia.

Previously and Previously.

Sydney Opera House

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Sydney Opera House

Break on thru

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Break on thru

High and dry - for now!

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High and dry - for now!

The beach is one of the most idyllic places, especially a lonely beach at a beautiful time of day. I proposed to my wife on a beach not all that far from us. It reminds me, in all its mood of our bond as ...


With a calm soothing look from your blue eyes
You invite me in to refresh my worth
And heal my wounds with your appealing mirth
A kiss from your lips leaves me satisfied
To desire no more, just be by your side
Tease my cheek with your feathery soft flirt
And I'll tie off my vessel at your berth
While your waves of kindness restore my pride
We'll take a walk on the beach holding hearts
Take a swim in the waters of desire
Drying our bare souls in the bright sun light
Never again will we let our paths part
Climbing love's mountain higher and higher
Then down the back, to walk out of sight

an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner

This one is for her. We have walked the sands many times over 40 years and she is my life saver! Sunshine Coast, Queensland

20 US States Want to Stop the Posting of Blueprints For 3D-Printed Guns

An anonymous reader quotes the Associated Press:
Attorneys general in 20 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging a federal regulation that could allow blueprints for making guns on 3D printers to be posted on the internet.

New York Attorney General Tish James, who helped lead the coalition of state attorneys general, argued that posting the blueprints would allow anyone to go online and use the downloadable files to create unregistered and untraceable assault-style weapons that could be difficult to detect... Proponents have argued there is a constitutional right to publish the material, but critics counter that making the blueprints readily accessible online could lead to an increase in gun violence and put weapons in the hands of criminals who are legally prohibited from owning them... For years, law enforcement officials have been trying to draw attention to the dangers posed by the so-called ghost guns, which contain no registration numbers that could be used to trace them.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.