President Trump sits down with Twitter boss for crunch talks: Why am I losing followers?

Commander-in-chief whined about waning e-peen – report

When the "leader of the free world" hauled Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey into the White House for a meeting yesterday, you would be forgiven for thinking they'd attempt to address the issues that have bedevilled social media of late – bots, disinformation, unsolicited DMs, Nazis...…

The peelable, foldable phone has become the great white whale of tech

Now Samsung wants its samples back

Analysis  So. Gartner was right to be cautious about the foldable phone after all. Samsung has postponed the 3 May launch of the Galaxy Fold handset, and now Reuters reports that the Korean giant wants all the samples back.…

Windows 10 May 2019 Update thwarted by obscure tech known as 'external storage'

USBs and SD cards can result in a drive-letter switcheroo

Fans of the underused and little-known technology mostly referred to as "external storage" have found themselves blocked from installing the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.…

IT sales star wins $600k lawsuit against Oracle in Qatar – but can't collect, because the Oracle he sued suddenly vanished

Database biz shifted its assets to another biz mid-trial

In January last year, after four years of litigation, a former Oracle sales rep in Qatar won a lawsuit against the database giant to collect unpaid sales commission.…

Twitter makes it easier to report election tweets that deliberately mislead people

With a number of high profile elections taking place around the world in the coming months, social media platforms are gearing themselves up for the inevitable onslaught of fake news and misleading information. Twitter has announced that it's doublin...

川越祭 - Kawagoe Matsuri

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川越祭 - Kawagoe Matsuri

Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

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Cherry blossoms and clouds

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Cherry blossoms and clouds

Kamo river Sakyo Kyoto Japan

Kyoto city view

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Kyoto city view

Sakyo Kyoto Japan

Tesla Plans To Launch a Robotaxi Network In 2020

Iwastheone shares a report from TechCrunch: Tesla expects to launch the first robotaxis as part of broader vision for an autonomous ride-sharing network in 2020, CEO Elon Musk said during the company's Autonomy Day. "I feel very confident predicting that there will be autonomous robotaxis from Tesla next year -- not in all jurisdictions because we won't have regulatory approval everywhere" Musk said without detailing what regulations he was referring to. He added that he is confident the company will have regulatory approval somewhere next year. Tesla will enable owners to add their properly equipped vehicles to its own ride-sharing app, which will have a similar business model to Uber or Airbnb. Tesla will take 25 percent to 30 percent of the revenue from those rides, Musk said. In places where there aren't enough people to share their cars, Tesla would provide a dedicated fleet of robotaxis. Musk also said at the event that all new Tesla vehicles are now produced with its custom full self-driving computer chip. The remaining step for Tesla's full self-driving mode to work is the software, "which Musk says will be 'feature complete' and at a reliability level that we could consider that no one needs to pay attention, by the middle of next year," reports TechCrunch.

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