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Leclerc overjoyed with breakthrough Monaco win as he says previous heartache made success ‘even better’

Charles Leclerc was initially left speechless after achieving the Monaco Grand Prix victory he had been craving with a cool, calm and collected drive around his home streets on Sunday afternoon.

HIGHLIGHTS: Relive all the race action as Leclerc wins at home following a chaotic start in Monaco

The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix started in dramatic fashion, with a red-flag stoppage less than a lap in, and ended emotionally, with Charles Leclerc finally claiming that elusive home win, for one of the most popular victories in many a year.

Perez, Magnussen and Hulkenberg share contrasting views on start pile-up in Monaco

Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg were forced to watch the vast majority of the Monaco Grand Prix from the sidelines after all three drivers retired via a dramatic collision on the opening lap.

Leclerc clinches long-awaited home win in Monaco ahead of Piastri and Sainz after early drama

Charles Leclerc has finally taken victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, having enjoyed a mostly serene drive to P1 in front of his home fans despite early drama playing out at the start.

DRIVER OF THE DAY: Leclerc gets your vote after emotional home victory in Monaco

It was the race he'd always wanted to win beyond all others - his home race. Charles Leclerc finally did it with Ferrari, controlling things from start to finish around the Monte Carlo streets.

Ocon to take five-place grid drop at Canadian GP after dramatic first-lap clash with team mate Gasly in Monaco

Esteban Ocon will be hit with a five-place grid drop at the Canadian Grand Prix, following the conversion of a time penalty he received for clashing with Alpine team mate Pierre Gasly in Monaco.


News for nerds, stuff that matters

Ubuntu 24.04 Now Runs on the Nintendo Switch (Unofficially)

"The fact it's possible at all is a credit to the ingenuity of the open-source community," writes the blog OMG Ubuntu:

Switchroot is an open-source project that allows Android and Linux-based distros like Ubuntu to run on the Nintendo Switch — absolutely not something Nintendo approves of much less supports, endorses, or encourages, etc! I covered the loophole that made this possible back in 2018. Back then the NVIDIA Tegra X1-powered Nintendo Switch was still new and Linux support for much of the console's internal hardware in a formative state (a polite way to say 'not everything worked'). But as the popularity of Nintendo's handheld console ballooned (to understate it) so the 'alternative OS' Switch scene grew, and before long Linux support for Switch hardware was in full bloom...

A number of Linux for Switchroot (L4S) distributions have since been released, designated as Linux for Tegra (L4T) builds. As these can boot from a microSD card it's even possible to dualboot the Switch OS with Linux, which is neat! Recently, a fresh set of L4T Ubuntu images were released based on the newest Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release. These builds work on all Switch versions, from the OG (exploit-friendly) unit through to newer, patched models (where a modchip is required)...

I'm told all of the Nintendo Switch internal hardware now works under Linux, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sleep mode, accelerated graphics, the official dock... Everything, basically. And despite being a 7 year old ARM device the performance is said to remain decent.
"Upstream snafus have delayed the release of builds with GNOME Shell..."

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Rust Foundation Reports 20% of Rust Crates Use 'Unsafe' Keyword

A Rust Foundation blog post begins by reminding readers that Rust programs "are unable to compile if memory management rules are violated, essentially eliminating the possibility of a memory issue at runtime."

But then it goes on to explore "Unsafe Rust in the wild" (used for a small set of actions like dereferencing a raw pointer, modifying a mutable static variable, or calling unsafe functions). "At a superficial glance, it might appear that Unsafe Rust undercuts the memory-safety benefits Rust is becoming increasingly celebrated for. In reality, the unsafe keyword comes with special safeguards and can be a powerful way to work with fewer restrictions when a function requires flexibility, so long as standard precautions are used."

The Foundation lists those available safeguards — which "make exploits rare — but not impossible." But then they go on to analyze just how much Rust code actually uses the unsafe keyword:

The canonical way to distribute Rust code is through a package called a crate. As of May 2024, there are about 145,000 crates; of which, approximately 127,000 contain significant code. Of those 127,000 crates, 24,362 make use of the unsafe keyword, which is 19.11% of all crates. And 34.35% make a direct function call into another crate that uses the unsafe keyword [according to numbers derived from the Rust Foundation project Painter]. Nearly 20% of all crates have at least one instance of the unsafe keyword, a non-trivial number.

Most of these Unsafe Rust uses are calls into existing third-party non-Rust language code or libraries, such as C or C++. In fact, the crate with the most uses of the unsafe keyword is the Windows crate, which allows Rust developers to call into various Windows APIs. This does not mean that the code in these Unsafe Rust blocks are inherently exploitable (a majority or all of that code is most likely not), but that special care must be taken while using Unsafe Rust in order to avoid potential vulnerabilities...
Rust lives up to its reputation as an excellent and transformative tool for safe and secure programming, even in an Unsafe context. But this reputation requires resources, collaboration, and constant examination to uphold properly. For example, the Rust Project is continuing to develop tools like Miri to allow the checking of unsafe Rust code. The Rust Foundation is committed to this work through its Security Initiative: a program to support and advance the state of security within the Rust Programming language ecosystem and community. Under the Security Initiative, the Rust Foundation's Technology team has developed new tools like [dependency-graphing] Painter, TypoMania [which checks package registries for typo-squatting] and Sandpit [an internal tool watching for malicious crates]... giving users insight into vulnerabilities before they can happen and allowing for a quick response if an exploitation occurs.

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How A US Hospital is Using AI to Analyze X-Rays - With Help From Red Hat

This week Red Hat announced one of America's leading pediatric hospitals is using AI to analyze X-rays, "to improve image quality and the speed and accuracy of image interpretation."

Red Hat's CTO said the move exemplifies "the positive impact AI can have in the healthcare field".

Before Boston Children's Hospital began piloting AI in radiology, quantitative measurements had to be done manually, which was a time-consuming task. Other, more complex image analyses were performed completely offline and outside of the clinical workflow. In a field where time is of the essence, the hospital is piloting Red Hat OpenShift via the ChRIS Research Integration Service, a web-based medical image platform. The AI application running in ChRIS on the Red Hat OpenShift foundation has the potential to automatically examine x-rays, identify the most valuable diagnostic images among the thousands taken and flag any discrepancies for the radiologist. This decreases the interpretation time for radiologists.
But it also seems to be a big win for openness:
Innovation developed internally is immediately transferable to public research clouds such as the Massachusetts Open Cloud, where large-scale data sharing and additional innovation can be fostered. Boston Children's Hospital aims to extend the reach of advanced healthcare solutions globally through this approach, amplifying their impact on patient well-being worldwide.

"Red Hat believes open unlocks the world's potential," the announcement concludes, "including the potential to share knowledge and build upon each other's discoveries. Additionally, Red Hat believes innovation — including AI — should be available everywhere, making any application, anywhere a reality.

"With open source, enabling AI-fueled innovation across hybrid IT environments that can lead to faster clinical breakthroughs and better patient outcomes is a reality."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Minder lezen, Meer weten.

Palestijnen melden burgerdoden door luchtaanval Israël op Jabalia

JABALIA(ANP) - Zeker dertien Palestijnse burgers zijn gedood bij een bombardement door Israëlische vliegtuigen op een huis in Jabalia, een stad in het noorden van de Gazastrook. Dat meldt het Palestijnse persbureau Wafa. Ook zouden er tientallen gewonden zijn gevallen.

Getuigen vertelden Wafa dat reddings- en civiele beschermingsploegen blijven zoeken naar overlevenden en lichamen van burgers onder het puin. Het huis zou volledig verwoest zijn.

Op Instagram geplaatste beelden van de Palestijnse journalist Fadi al Wahidi tonen de nasleep van de aanval. Daarop is te zien hoe mensen het puin doorzoeken. Al Jazeera heeft de video geverifieerd.