Niemand welkom bij woke energieboer Welkom

Energieleverancier die heel veel energie besteedde aan deugen, deugt zichzelf kapot

Leve de vrije markt!

En wie zonder gas zit, heeft geen gas


UK Reaches Highest COVID-19 Deaths Since March As New AY.4.2 Delta Sub-Variant Spreads

AleRunner writes: The United Kingdom's COVID-19 death rate has reached its highest rate since just after the peak of the last lockdown in March. This has been happening as the new AY.4.2 variant of the Delta strain of the SARS-COV-2 virus has begun to dominate in the UK. Coming into winter, the increase in coronavirus infection in the UK is already causing a collapse in health care with patients dying just after long waits for care or even whilst waiting. Although there's some similarity to 2020, and a worry that AY.4.2 might avoid immunity, the UK chancellor has decided to commit to a vaccines mainly strategy whilst other countries seem to be unconcerned with the CDC already declaring that no measures are planned to limit AY.4.2 spread.

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Product release cycles are killing the environment, techies tell British Computer Society

Running Linux on a vintage box is one answer, but someone has to hold big tech's feet to fire

Bringing an end to the relentless nature of annual product release cycles is something that should be top of the agenda for the soon-to-run 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26.…

UK science suffers as lawmakers continue to dither over Brexit negotiations

Horizons Europe carrot dangled amid protocol wrangling

A report from the UK House of Commons' European Scrutiny Committee has blamed delays in Brussels for choking off revenue streams to British institutions and businesses.…

Warehouse belonging to Chinese payment terminal manufacturer raided by FBI

PAX Technology devices allegedly infected with malware

US feds were spotted raiding a warehouse belonging to Chinese payment terminal manufacturer PAX Technology in Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday, with speculation abounding that the machines contained preinstalled malware.…

The Young Gods - Moon Above

The Young Gods

The Young Gods - Figure Sans Nom

The Young Gods

The Young Gods - Tear Up The Red Sky

The Young Gods

The Young Gods - Entre En Matière

The Young Gods

'Nederland onderzoekt of privésleutels Franse en Poolse corona-apps zijn gelekt'

Een cybercrimineel zegt Franse of Poolse corona-QR-codes te kunnen aanmaken die in Nederland als toegangsbewijs gebruikt kunnen worden. De Nederlandse overheid zou onderzoeken of de crimineel hiervoor gestolen privésleutels van de Franse of Poolse corona-apps gebruikt.