ESA's 2030+ roadmap envisions Europeans on the Moon and Mars

But the agency is distinctly aware that it needs more autonomy

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a strategy roadmap to take it into the 2030s and beyond.…

FedEx signals 'zero mainframe, zero datacenter' operations by 2024

Going completely cloud-native will save it $400m a year, CIO estimates

The datacenter is dead – at least according to FedEx, which announced plans to close its server farms and transition completely to the cloud, where it hopes to save an estimated $400 million annually.…

Semiconductor market to be hit by fresh wave of rising component costs

Chemicals supplier warns it expects to raise prices, may cut some product lines

More red flags about the semiconductor market are being raised with the news that a key supplier to chipmakers such as TSMC is planning to hike prices, which will likely have a knock-on effect on chip prices.…

Biden considers removal of Trump-era China tariffs to ease inflation

But US administration split on loss of leverage, according to reports

US president Joe Biden is debating whether to end or cut Trump-era tariffs imposed on Chinese imports into the United States, according to reports.…

Germany unveils plan to tackle cyberattacks on satellites

Vendors get checklist on what to do when crooks inevitably turn up in space

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has put out an IT baseline protection profile for space infrastructure amid concerns that attackers could turn their gaze skywards.…

The Gazebo: One of the Internet's First Trans Safe Spaces

Gwendolyn Ann Smith remembers when you could almost fit the entire trans internet into a single (virtual) room. This was the early '90s, when only a few million people worldwide were on the web. Even though users were sparse, the benefits of getting online for trans people were acute. For those who didn't live near significant numbers of other trans people, or for those who were not yet out to their loved ones, finding refuge online was an especially vital lifeline that has only grown more powerful over time. The Gazebo was a 48-person chatroom, named in honor of Lauren D. Wilson, a trans woman who died by suicide, and who dreamed of precisely this kind of safe digital space.

Ruzie over de erfenis, schenkingen, tijdsdruk

Paul had na zijn pensioen nog een heel leven voor de boeg. Met zijn vrouw Ria, hun dochter Anna, en kleindochter Billie. En dan is er ook nog de buurvrouw, Alessandra. onderzoekt wat er misging. Deel 1. De moord.

In bezet Oekraïne plegen ‘partizanen’ verzet

In de veroverde gebieden in het zuiden van Oekraïne bezorgt burgerverzet de Russische bezetters veel kopzorgen. „Collaborateurs zullen leven met angst.”


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The purpose was to go around from Mt. Hoken, Mt. Naka-dake, and Mt. Kisokoma.
This place is famous, but I didn't care about it until now, so I stopped by because I came here.
Certainly beautiful!